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About me

Who is the person behind the blog?

A Texas girl who enjoys researching about her family that lived in Southern Illinois for about 200 hundred years. The family roots were pulled up back in the 70's when her parents moved the family to Texas looking for work.

I having been researching my family for almost 20 years. It all started when an extended family member sent a folder of information to my grandma. She was not too interested .. but I sure was! I still have that folder and have since added many names, dates and pictures to it.

Why did you start this blog?

In June 2012, I realized that the torch had been passed to me. I am the only one left that knows some of this information. Sure, future generations can track the paper trail. Family stories and old photos are more difficult to find. This blog is one of a few attempts to share and preserve what I know for future generations.

The blog

What is the purpose of this blog?

I started this blog to share with others and preserve for future generations. My family might be small however I have researched extended branches trying to find answers. All the information from all the branches will get put on this blog.

What can I expect from this blog?

This blog is helping me to organize everything I have collected over the years. This project will take time.

Every week I will post 2-3 new blog post that will contain one or more of the following:

1. Biographies
2. Old Photos
3. Headstone Pictures
4. Pictures of old documents

but may also be the following:

1. pictures of the area (churches, buildings, scenic views)
2. non-family related headstones

Let me explain the last one. I  (of course) visit cemeteries to take pictures of my family's headstones. When I have time I will take pictures of other headstones. Many of those headstone pictures I upload to so they can be shared with others. I know how websites come and go on the internet. I am placing these photos on my site as well just to help future family historians. 

If you notice that it has been a while since the last post ....

it just means that my life is full right now. :) 

Look for new posts in the summer months when I have more free time. 

Could you give me a mini-tour of your site?


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McCulley Family Tree - this page shows the whole family, I have linked their names to their biographies and pictures on the blog, each family will have their own page ( each name has their own page)

Extended Family Surname Index - this page list names of people that are mentioned in this blog but don't have their own page, names are listed in ABC order and linked to the page that they were mentioned

Southern Illinois Pictures - pictures I have taken of the area

Southern Illinois Churches and Cemeteries - pictures I have taken of the area churches and headstones

Resources - this page holds a list of links that just pertain to researching family history in Southern Illinois, feel free to add your own links

Researching family history in Southern Illinois - tell us about your brick walls and leave an email so others can contact you

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I have something neat/interesting/cool to share with you.
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How can I contact you?

The best way to contact me is to leave a comment. If it is more general in nature leave a comment below. If it is about a certain blog post then leave the comment on that page. I will read it and get back with you as soon as I can.

Do you have a Facebook/Twitter/Other social sites account?

No. Currently I don't have time to keep up those types of accounts.

You can visit me at Find A Grave

What is the copyright on the print and photos on this blog?

The short answer -- I hold the copyright to everything on this blog.

However ...

The purpose of this blog is to share. The information on this blog may be used for PERSONAL genealogy use only. I have put this information together to share with you, please give credit where credit is due. I have made all attempts to give credit to others who have helped me piece together the puzzle.

Can I link to your post? Share this blog?

Yes, please do so.

What camera do you use for your pictures?

Just a point and shoot.

Is there a way to show my support for this blog?

Yes, share this blog with others. 

And last but not least .........

Disclosure/ Privacy Policy

I do not collect personal information or use cookies to gather information. This blog is my personal work that I have gathered on my family and extended family. I am not stating that all information is true, just true to my knowledge at the time of posting. All information is to be used for personal use only. Thanks!

Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting!