Extended Family Surnames Index

Below are the names of extended family members that are mentioned in blog posts but don't have a post to themselves.

Carnes/ Karnes, Alexander  (nickname Xander)

Carr, ( Claire, Lloyd and Loren) ( children of Georgia Yates and Chester Carr  )

Carr, Nancy Catherine (nee BELL) and Thomas Jefferson ( parents of Chester Carr)(headstone here )

Cornwell, Elizabeth ( nee McCulley)

Dunn, Cleo E ( married Lora Jacobs ) ( and here )

Dunn, Robert ( married Sarah Della Yates Jacobs )

Blackburn, John  ( might have married a YATES )

Grisham, Eugene "Gene" Moore 

Grisham, Jackson "Jack" Peyton

Grisham, Mary Ruth (nee SETTLEMOIR)

Grisham, Milas Edgar

Grisham, Wilbur

Gurley, Mary ( and here )

Gut, John ( father of John P Gut/Goot)

Gut, "little" John ( son of John P Gut/Goot )

Gut, Mary ( mother of John P Gut/Goot) ( nee GAPMER )

King, Margaret K.  ( probably married a YATES ) ( and here )

Jacobs, ( children of Sarah Yates and James Jacobs - Gordon, Bea, Ella Bell, Ivy, Dorce, Rose, Nora, Lora, and Jean )

Jacobs, William Henry ( James Jacobs' father) 

Jones, ( married Rose Jacobs )

Hardy, ( married Jean Jacobs )

Hathaway, Edward ( married Martha Jane Woolwine )

Hoffner, ( married Beatrice Jacobs)

Lamasters, Eda ( nee Yates) ( with daughters Cynthia A and Mary)

Leggand, Minnie ( and here ) (nee Prewitt) ( married Crawford Leggans )

Mayfield, Isaac  ( his daughter married a YATES)

Mayfield, Martha ( nee Parrot, wife to Isaac )

McCulley, Evertt  ( also known as James E. McCulley)

McCulley, Dora 

Mitchell, Mary Ann  ( might have married a YATES )

Ney, ( married Ivie Jacobs )

Prewitt, Andrew (married a YOUNGBLOOD)

Prewitt, Charlotte ( daughter of Lonnie and Dora) headstone

Prewitt, Delbert (married Ethel) (headstone) (also known as William D. Prewitt)

Prewitt, Geradean (married BATSEN)

Prewitt, Laura/ Louisa

Prewitt, Lonnie (married Dora McCulley) (headstone)

Prewitt, Ray  (married a BRUMIT )

Prewitt, Richard (son of Lonnie and Dora) - headstone

Prewitt, Ruth (daughter of Delbert and Ethel) headstone

Prewitt, William J (headstone) (nickname Bud)

Prewitt, William Paul ( headstone)

Pugh, Pernecia ( James Jacobs' mother )

Rhine, William and Louisa

Robb, John L. ( married Catherine Woolwine )

Robertson, ( married Lora Jacobs )

Scott, Frances E. ( might have married a YATES )

Settlemoir, Ephrian Moore

Settlemoir/Settlemor, Georgia

Shadowens, Clabern ( married Mrs. Pernice Pugh Jacobs )

Stapelton, Leotus ( married Ella Bella Jacobs )

Stewart, Samuel

Tucker, Carl ( and here )

Tucker, Charles

Tucker, Christina

Tucker, Clement

Tucker, Ellen (nee Rhine)

Tucker, Louie/Lewis

Tucker, Mary

Tucker, Malinda

Tucker, Sarah E.  (nee Collier)

Walker, Henry Leroy ( Roy)  ( wife Viola Yates, children Orben, Verlie, Clara, Vernon and Jewel )

Williams, ( Simon,Catherine, Henry Newton, James, Martha Jane, John and David )

Williams, Mary Catherine  ( nee KING ) ( married Henry Williams )

Williams, Sarah ( nee WILEY) ( married John Williams )

Williams, Mary and John ( parents to John, grandparents to Etha Inda Yates )

Williams, James and Josiah ( siblings to John )

Williams, Hannah Mahala ( nee Hathaway ) ( wife to Josiah )

Williams, Green B (son of Hannah and Josiah )

Wiley, John and Phoebe (parents to Sarah Williams)

Woolwine, Simon/George and Fannie ( nee BINYARD )

Yates, William ( both father and son)

Yates, Sally ( both mother and daughter)

Yates, Betsy

Yates, Joshua

Yates, Philip

Yates, Lewis

Yates, Nancy

Yates, Jackson ( or Andrew J ) 

Yates, Levi ( with wife Sally and children George, William and Ambrus)

Yates, Joseph ( with family)

Yates, Margaret ( nee WILLIAMS ??) (children: Reba, Estella, Charles, Kenith, Ralph )

Yates, Cora E. ( nee LEVERETT )  ( children Guy, Gladys, Tella, Vida, Verda, Allie, and Offa )

Young, Margaret  ( might have married a YATES)