Yates Family Tree

This gives you a snapshot of where everyone belongs on the tree. As I post I will link the names here to their post.

Benjamin Franklin Yates   ( picture here) ( picture of headstone with wife Etha Inda)
  ( more info on the rough draft page) ( marriage certificate with wife Etha Inda )

* first marriage  Margaret K. King 

     their child: William ( his wife Georgia A Mayfield Stewart and children Wm Arthur, Ben W and Roy E)

* second marriage : Francis E. Scott

* third marriage: Etha Inda Williams ( picture here) ( obituary here )

* their children:

a. Melissa Jane ( married John Prince Goot, refer to Gut/Goot Family Tree)

    child: Milas G Grisham 

b. Samuel (married: Cora E Leverett ) ( picture here )

 ( picture of headstone with wife Cora here )

* children: Guy, Gladys, Tella, Vida, Verda, Allie, Offa

c. Georgia  ( married: Chester A ) ( picture here ) ( family photo here )

         ( headstone for Georgia and Chester here )

* children: Claire, Lloyd, Loren

d. Sarah Della ( married: James Jacobs ) ( pictures here )
       ( more information about Sarah and the Yates family here )

       ( obituary for Sarah Della here )

* children: Gordon, Beatrice, Ella Bell, Ivy, Dorcie Mae, Rosa Velta, Lora, Nora, Jean

       ( for more information on Dorcie Mae's family, please visit this website:

                http://www.gencircles.com/users/marvinsbarger/1/data/2010 )

*  2nd marriage: Robert S Dunn

e. Viola ( married: Roy Walker)

 * children: Orben, Verlie, Clara, Vernon, Jewel

f. Aaron  (might have married Helen) ( headstone with wife here )

g. Roscoe Charles (married: Margaret A Williams) ( headstone with wife here)

* their children:

Reba E,


Charles Glenn,  ( headstone with wife Juanita here )


Ralph E


  1. my great gf benjamin f. was not married to Frances E. Scott. That was a different B. F. (mabey a cousin) my ggf was born in 1836, the other B.F. was born in 1842

    1. sorry my name is mike yates. roscoe was my grandfather, bf his dad. ryates08@charter.net