Lewis Family Tree

This gives a snapshot of the Lewis family tree. As I post about them I will place a link here.

Levi Lewis

* married Charlotte "Lottie" Oxford


1. John Lewis

    (maybe) son: Absalom Lewis

2. Mary Lewis

    married Nathan Miles   children : Adaline, John, Ellen, Norman

3. Samuel Lewis

    married Eudora Modglin  children: Mary J

4. Christina Lewis

    married Edmund Rice

    married Jacob Thorn   children Nathan, Levi, Learoy, Susanah (?), Willia (?)

5. Charlotte Lewis

6. Lucinda Lewis

7. William Lewis

    married Jeanie Belle Wilson

   a. John Lewis

   b. Nora Lewis    married Tom Smith      children: Dan, Sam,Leroy, Claude, Alma, Ethel, Lucille

   c. Bertha Lewis

   d. Ida Mae Lewis

       child: Walter  Lee "Glee" Lewis, raised my grandparents

       married Thomas J Hale --no children
       married Marion "Jack" Osborn --- no children

   e. Levi "Lee" Lewis 

       married Ellen Peeler (maybe her last name)

       children: Charles E, Howard E, Malvin, Bill, Alberta, maybe others

   f. Flora K Lewis

      married Shick Little (also refer to Little Family Tree)

      children: Rudolph, Orville Murray, Dorothy Mae, William A, Benjamin Marion, Jeanie Belle, Rosalee "Rose", Pansy Irene " Rene", Katherine "Kay"

8. Delia E Lewis

       picture of Delia, headstone here

    married Henry Wentz/Wells -- no children

    married Alexander McCulley ( refer to McCulley Family Tree)
                part 1part 2 , part 3

    children :  Elijah  ( headstone here ), Charlotte   ( husband William Prewitt   and McCulley-Prewitt headsones ), Myrtle "Mittie", Sarah J  ( huband James Tucker, and headstone for Sarah ),  Grover "Cleveland

9. Sarah Lewis