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Grover "Cleveland" McCulley

Grover "Cleveland" McCulley was born on January 24, 1888 in Lick Creek, Union County, Illinois. He was the son of Alexander and Delia (Lewis) McCulley. He was the 5th child born from this marriage. His three youngest siblings died making him the baby of the family.

In the 1900 Census he is as a 13 year old boy living with his family in Saratoga, Union County, Illinois. In just a few short years his father will have passed away. His older sisters will all be married and starting their own families.

By the 1910 Census he is the only child left living with his mother. They live in Stokes Precinct, Union County, Illinois and he works as a farm laborer.

An interesting side note : Also in the house is his nephew Alexander Carnes (Mittie's son). Years later Cleveland will name his only child after this sister.

1917-1918 WWI Draft Registration Card:
Cleveland is a self employed single farmer living in Cypress, Johnson County, Illinois. He has blue eyes and black hair.

In the 1920 Census, I found a Cleveland McCulley living in Metropolis, Massac County, Illinois. He was working at the Wadkins/Watkin Creosoting Company. This document shows that he is married but not living with his wife. Instead he is a boarder with the Eickholz family.

From an interview with his daughter:

She met her father's first wife ( with her current husband and daughter). She remembers that his wife was sister to Elijah's ( Cleveland's brother) wife Dora. She has come up with several first and last names for the wife but does not really remember.

Other notes:

From the information on the back of Effie and Cleveland's marriage certificate it does state that he was married once before. On the 1920 Census it states that he is married.

I have not been able to find a name for his first wife or a marriage certificate. I do not believe that there were children from this marriage.

His daughter remembers being told that the 1st wife's daughter that she met was her "half-sister." But then she remembers that the girl was younger then her. I have not been able to find facts either way.

1922 Marriage

Cleveland McCulley of Balcom ( 28 years old)  and Miss Effie Little of Balcom ( 26 years old) were married in Jonesboro on January 19, 1922 by O.A. Carmean the Pastor of the 1st Baptist Church. Certificate number 10294.

In the 1930 Census, they with their daughter are living in Stokes Precinct, Union County, Illinois. He is working as a farm laborer and she is keeping house.

According to his 1942 WWII Draft Registration Card, Cleveland is living in Anna and working for R.F.D.1 at the time.

Cleveland outlived his wife Effie by 25 years. After her death he continued to work as a farmer in the Union County area. His daughter found him in a daze and confused after not taking his medication and not eating for several days. He was admitted to the Union County Hospital in Anna on July 20, 1970. He passed away on Sunday, August 16, 1970 at that same hospital.


This is the obituary that was given to me from his daughter.

Grover C McCulley

Grover C. McCulley was born January 24, 1888 and passed away August 16, 1970, at the Union County Hospital, at the age of 82 years, six months and 22 days.
He was united in marriage to Effie Little, who preceded him in death on August 12, 1946. He is survived by a daughter, Mrs Myrtle Scivalley of Anna, two grandchildren, five great grandchildren and by nieces and nephews.
Funeral services were held Tuesday Aug 18, at 1:30pm, at the Crain Funeral Home in Anna, with Rev Bennie Jones officiating. Interment was made in the Casper Cemetery.
Crain Funeral Home of Anna was in charge of arrangements.

From an interview with his daughter:

She recalls that her father would talk of a younger brother who died young. He was very close to this brother. Cleveland never learned how to read or write. He instead went to work at a young age to help the family. His wife Effie would read the Bible to him at night after the days work was done.

She remembers her father working for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and farming. During the Great Depression they would store potatoes in wooden bins and then stack the bins beside the walls inside the house. These potatoes served as food for the winter and added protected from the cold winter wind.

She remembers helping to take the car apart with her Dad. As they dismantled the car, the parts would get placed in the yard. Once they found the problem and fixed it then they had to put all the parts back in the car. If they forgot to put a part back then they might have to take it apart again to get all the parts put back in their correct places.

Cleveland McCulley was a cousin to Flora Lewis.
Effie Little was a sister to Shick Little.

Cleveland married Effie.
Shick married Flora.

Making Cleveland and Effie's daughter double cousins to Shick and Flora's children.

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