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Levi Lewis

Levi Lewis was born around the year 1817 in Tennessee. I believe he is the son of Samuel and Mary ( unknown) Lewis. I am not sure when the family moved to Illinois from Tennessee.

On September 22, 1836 he married Charlotte Oxford in Union County, Illinois. The marriage paperwork does not hold a lot of information about either of them or their families. It is handwritten and not easy to read. I think it states that they were married at the courthouse in Jonesboro OR at someones office in Jonesboro. The certificate number is 525.

On January 13, 1837  Levi Lewis purchased 80 acres in Union County (Section 29, Township 12-S, Range 2-W, Meridan 3). On August 1, 1838 he purchased another 80 acres (land office Kaskaskia, Section 29, Township 12-S, Range 2-W, Meridan 3rd).

In the 1850 Census Levi is with his family in District 2, Union County, Illinois. He is 33 years old and works as a farmer.

House number 361

Lewis, Levi   33, Tenn (place of birth), cannot read or write

------, Charlotte   32, Ala, cannot read or write

------, John   12

------, May   10,  has attended school in the past year

------, Samuel  7, has attended school in the past year

------, Sarah   5,

------, Christina  3

-------, Charlotte 1

On May 18, 1853 Levi bought 40 acres for $50 in Union County (Section 9, Township 12-S, Range 1-E, Meridan 3).

On September 10, 1853 he bought another 40 acres in Union County (land office Shawneetown, Section 9, Township, 12-S, Range 1-E, Meridan 3rd ).

On December 6, 1853 he again bought another 40 acres for $50 (Section 9, Township 12-S, Range 1-E, Meridan 3).

On July 15, 1854 he bought yet another 40 acres in Union County ( land office Shawneetown, Section 9, Township 12-S, Range 1-E, Meridan 3rd pm).

Levi's Probate Record can be found in Union County, Illinois. According to this document he died on September 20, 1856.

Administratrix: Charlotte Lewis, $2000 bond, 14 Oct 1856 with James Newton and Tobias Wiggs as securities.

Appraisal: $369.42 by James Newton, Jesse Brasel and Tobias Wiggs.

Land sold to pay debts: Southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section 9, township 12 south, range 1 east, 40 acres, sold for $80. The estate was in debt $79.62 before the land was sold.

Sale: 147.40 ; 5 Nov 1856; George W Brasel, clerk; E. A. Prewitt, crier.

Purchasers at sale: Charlotte Lewis, Thomas R Johnson, James Newton, William Brownley, John Haltarmon, E.A. Prewitt, Lazzers Wiggs, W. Henry, W. Murphy, B. Wiggs, Nathan Miles, Maniece, W. Brown, Calvin Morgan, and J. Jinkens.

The widow received specific property worth $356.32 for herself and seven children.

Children: Mary J Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Sarah L Lewis, Christina Lewis, Lucinda Lewis, William Lewis and Delia Lewis.

The estate was in debt and 2nd class claims were paid 84 cents on the dollar.

Note: In Tobias Wigg's probated recorded 1864, it is noted that Levi Lewis, deceased, owed him $2 for a coffin in 1856.

Note: Mary Lewis married Nathan Miles. Refer to post titled Mary Lewis.

This probate taken from Union County Illinois Probate Records by Darrel Dexter.

Questions/ Other Research

1. What of his extended family? When did they move to Illinois? Is Samuel and Mary his parents?

2. Look for census before 1850. I think Levi and Charlotte might be found in Missouri. A few of their children state in census records that they were born in Missouri. I have not been able to find the family in Illinois in the 1840 Census.

3. Look at an old map and pin point the land he bought. Could there be a family cemetery there?

4. What did he die from? Where is he buried? Could there be an obituary?

5. Connect the family to Township 29 (his first land purchase).

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