Monday, September 24, 2012

Ida Mae Lewis

Ida Mae Lewis was born April 12, 1882 probably in Union County, Illinois. Her parents were William and Jeanie (Wilson) Lewis.

In the 1900 Census I do not find her with her family. Instead I believe she had recently married Thomas J Hale on Feb 27, 1900 in Union County, Illinois.

Hale, Thomas, 39,

-----, Ida M, 17, born April 1883, 1 (mother of how many children), 1 ( number of children living), marriage year: 1900, years married: 0

------, Mary L, 18

------, James E, 16

------, William E. 14

In an interview with her niece, Rene Little, remembers these things:

* called her "Aunt Mae"

* had one child Lee Lewis  (note: in census it is written as Glee), father was Ida's boyfriend who died

* married "unknown" -- short marriage -- no children

* married Jack Osborn -- no children

* died in her fifties, buried in Casper Cemetery, by the church

* Jack remarried and moved to Matoon, buried next to 2nd wife

In the 1930 Census she is living in Mattoon , Coles County, Illinois with her husband Marion Osborn and mother Jeanie Lewis. 

On March 15, 1940, Ida Mae died in Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois. She is buried in Casper Cemetery, Union County, Illinois.

Questions/ More Research

1. Ida Mae might have married Marion Osborn on April 13, 1911. Needs further research.

2. Ida and Marion might have been living in Drummer, Ford County, Illinois during the 1920 census. Needs further research, not sure if that is them.

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