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Delilah "Lillie" Oxford

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Delilah "Lillie" Oxford was the daughter of Sarah Oxford. She was born around 1811 in Tennessee.

On Dec 13, 1829 she married Isaac Beggs in Union County, Illinois. He died on November 18, 1842 in Jonesboro. He is buried in Bridges Cemetery, Johnson County, Illinois (info here ).

Their children were as follows:

John Henry Beggs  1831- Feb 4, 1876  Union County, Illinois

Alfred L Beggs 1834- 1860 ( info here, bio and picture)

Samuel T. Beggs 1835

Lucy Ann Beggs 1837

Margaret Beggs 1837

note: I wrote down all these names and dates but failed to write down a source.

On Jan 2, 1845 Delilah married James Allen Penrod in Union County, Illinois ( bio here). He was born on Feb 8, 1810 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. He died on Dec 21, 1875 in Dongola, Illinois. He is buried in Friendship Cemetery in that same town.

There children were as follows:

Nancy Caroline Penrod Jan 1847 - May 11 1930 ( Poolsville, Parker, Texas)

Frances Olin Penrod 1847 - Oct 14, 1918 Union County, Illinois

George W. Penrod Aug 8, 1851 - Feb 18, 1926 (Poolsville, Parker, Texas)

Elijah Layfayette Penrod April 8, 1852 - Jan 20, 1926 (bio here )

note: again I wrote all these names and dates but failed to write down a source

I also wrote these names and dates down without a source. These were children from James Penrod's marriage before Delilah.

Levi Lewis Penrod 1831 ( interesting name, was he named after Delilah's brother-in law Levi Lewis who married Charlotte Oxford? just wondering....)

Millington Penrod Nov 10, 1832 - Mar 21, 1916 (bio here)

Elizabeth Jane Penrod Apr 3, 1836 - Mar 19, 1885

Barnubus Penrod 1840 (bio here)

William Penrod 1846- 1900

Delilah "Lillie" Oxford Beggs Penrod died in 1852 in Union County, Illinois. She is buried in Friendship Cemetery in Dongola, Union County, Illinois ( info here).

Questions/ More Research

1. Research for documents for this family.

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