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Sarah Oxford

Sarah Oxford is first found as the head of the household in the 1830 Census in Union County, Illinois.

Males between 5-9 years old:  1

Males between 10-14 years old : 1

Males between 20-29 years old: 1

Females between 10-14 years old: 1

Females between 15-19 years: 2

Females between 40-49 years old : 1

This document appears to tell the following information:

Sarah's husband died between 1820 and 1825 based on the age of her youngest child.

Sarah and her husband had at least 6 children.

Sarah was born between 1780 and 1790 based on her age.

Sarah married between 1800 and 1810 based on the age of her oldest son.

Sarah Oxford is again found in Union County, Illinois in the 1840 Census.

Males under 5 years old : 2

Males 5-9 years old: 1

Males between 15-19 years old : 1

Female between 15-19 years old: 1

Females between 20-29 years old: 1

Females between 50-59 years old: 1

1 person is employed in agriculture: 1

Number of persons over 20 who cannot read and write: 2

This document appears to tell the following information:

Sarah has 3 younger children that are perhaps her grandchildren.

The older male is probably her last son living at home. Her other 2 sons from the 1830 census no longer live with her.

The 2 females are her daughters. The oldest daughter is no longer living with her.

A few children have married and started their own family. If the youngest are her grandchildren then one child might have died. If this is the case then the oldest female could be her daughter-in-law.

In the 1850 Census she is still found in Union County, Illinois living a few houses down from her daughter-in-law. I think some of her children moved to Missouri. After 1850 she might have either moved to live with them or passed away before 1860.

I believe the following are her children:

Samuel Oxford ( born between 1800-1810)

John Oxford (born between 1815-1820, closer to 1815)

Absalam Oxford ( born between 1820-1825, closer to 1820)

Delilah Oxford ( born between 1811 -1815, closer to 1811)

Jane "Jennie" Oxford ( born between 1811-1815, closer to 1815)

Charlotte "Lottie" Oxford ( born between 1815-1820, closer to 1818)

Questions/ More Research

1. Who was her husband? marriage in TN? records on his death? Referring to naming traditions Absalam might be the husband's name. Continuing with those same traditions then Samuel might be his father's name and John her father's name. Of course we do have to take into account there they could have had young sons that died. All three of these names continue through several of the family branches.

2. Any other records on her?

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