Thursday, November 15, 2012

Headstones For The Lewis-Little Family

Some of these pictures were taken over 10 years ago with a non-digital camera. I was standing to far back with some of these and therefore the pictures are not the best.

Casper Cemetery, located in Union County, Illinois is the final resting place for several of the Little-Lewis family members.

Flora (Lewis) Little and Shick Little, taken 2001

Their children:

Ben M and Lola Little, taken 2001

Ben M Little, taken 2001

Rosalee "Rose" Little, taken 2001

Rudolph Little, taken 2001

William A Little, taken 2001

Jennie Bell Little Hester Jarvis, taken 2012

Sharon K Hester,
daughter in law to Jennie Bell
taken 2012

Pansy Irene "Rene" Little, taken 2012

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