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Rough Draft of Benjamin Franklin Yates

 What I know about Benjamin can be found here. Below is information that might or might not be my Ben.

---------------------Rough Draft : this info is a work in progress --------------------

In the 1860 Census he is found in Township 11 S Range 6 in Pope County, Illinois. He appears to be married to a Margaret. It states that he was born in Kentucky and currently farms. The value of his personal estate is 100. It also states that he cannot read or write.

Benjamin and Margaret live with a 38 year old Jacob A Thompson who also farms. The value of his real estate was 300 and personal estate was 100. It appears that Benjamin was a farm hand for Thompson.

A few houses down lives another Yates family, probably Benjamin's parents and siblings.

William Yates                        60   Farmer   $200 Personal Property   born Kentucky
Sally   Yates                          40                                                               KY
Eda Lamasters                      26                                                               KY
Betsy Yates                           22                                                                KY
Joshua Yates                         18                                                                KY
Cynthia A Lamasters               9                                                                  KY
Mary Lamasters                      6                                                               KY
Philip Yates                             5                                                                KY
Lewis Yates                            1 m                                                             IL

In the 1850 Census a William and Sally Yates can be found in Carter County, Kentucky.

William Yates      56   farmer     b: VA
Sally                   46                      TN
Eda                    23                      KY
Betsy                 20                      KY
Nancy               17                       KY
Sally                  12                      KY
Allen                 22  laborer          KY
Benjamin          15   laborer          KY
William             14                        KY
Jackson            9                          KY
Joshua              6                          KY

One house away is : (possibly a brother to Benjamin)

Levi Yates        27 farmer              KY
Sally                23                         KY ( possibly a McGlone)
George              4                         KY
William              2                         KY
Ambrus            3 m                      KY

In the 1850 Census Pope County lists Joseph Yates, 45, born VA and family. He could be a brother to William and uncle to Benjamin.

Family records show the following:

Yates father - born VA
mother - born TN


Benjamin F Yates 1836 (KY) - 1901 (IL)
Roscoe Yates
Glenn Yates
Ralph Yates
Barney Yates
Reba Yates
and raised Margaret Williams ( who was orphaned)

I have not been able to find a family with Ben and these siblings. I think this might actually be Roscoe Charles's family. He was a son of Ben and Etha Inda's. Several of these names line up to match his children's names. He married a Margaret.

Illinois Marriage records show a Benjamin Yates or BF Yates married 3 times in Pope County, Illinois. I assume they all our the same Benjamin Yates but have no real proof.

1. Benjamin Yates married Margaret K King in Pope County on January 6, 1856.

2. Benjamin Yates married Frances E. Scott in Pope County on August 18, 1864.

3. B.F. Yates married Ethinda Williams in Pope County on November 17, 1864.

He might have fought in the Civil War. His age is off by a few years and there is no mention of him being a veteran in his death notice in the paper.

Illinois Sixth Calvary, Company A, Enlisted August 31, 1861; became Corporal on March 10, 1864; Mustered out November 5, 1865 as Sargent. The paperwork states that he was born in Crittenden, KY and was a resident of Golconda, Pope County, Illinois. He was 23 years old was dark eyes and complexion and black hair.

In 1866 Pope County list his taxable personal property as follows:

Benjamin Yates

1 horse = $50
1 cow = $12
2 sheep = $4
3 hogs = $7
Domestic animals  $73
Unenumerated prop $15
Total net value $88

6 acres wheat
17 acres in corn

On January 14, 1904, Andrew J Yates died near Blanchard, Pope County, of dropsey, disease of right foot. He was buried in Womack Cemetery on January 15, 1904. Records show that he was a white male, 61 years of age, who lived on a farm. He had lived in Illinois 48 years (1856).

This is a clue that points to the fact that Benjamin probably moved to Illinois at the same time. Andrew J was probably his brother "Jackson" in the 1850 census.

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index for Pope County ( these could be Benjamin's sibling)

Andrew J Yates married Margaret I/J Young on February 1, 1866.

Sally Ann Yates married John Blackburn on December 18, 1856.

William Yates married Mary Ann Mitchell on December 12, 1859.

William Yates ( Benjamin's father) might have moved to Missouri and might have remarried.

Resources: family records - his great granddaughter, Illinois marriage records, census records, tax records, Civil War records, email correspondence with Dixie Barger ( thanks!)

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