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Mary "Polly" Woolwine

Mary "Polly" Woolwine was the daughter of  Fannie Binyard and Simon/George Woolwine.  She was born in and around 1811 in Virginia. She was the first born of three daughters. The family moved to Illinois in 1819.

On March 23, 1834 she married John Williams in Pope County, Illinois. In the Illinois Marriage Online Database they have her last name listed as Woolvine ( a "v" instead of a "w").

Their children are as follows ( a total of 11):

*(1) Simon - He volunteered for the Union during the Civil War.  He was one of the 70 of the 77 of his company who died en route home on the ship "General Lyon."  According to Civil War records he was married.

(2) daughter -- Mary ? died before 1893

(3) daughter -- Nancy ? died before 1893

(4)  Catherine - On June 4, 1843 she married John L Robb in Pope County. She died on January 10, 1913 in Eddyville at the age of 87. He died on May 15, 1902 in Eddyville at the age of 79.

(5) daughter - died before 1893

(6) James - He volunteered for the Union during the Civil War. He came home on a sick furlough and died at home. He was 22 years old. ( can not find Civil war record )

(7) Henry Newton - He volunteered for the Union during the Civil War. On January 26, 1860 he married Mary Catharine King in Pope County. Died before 1893. ( Civil War record incomplete.)

( 8) Etha Inda -- ( refer to Yates Family Tree )

(9) Martha Jane - She married an Ed Hathaway. He died on September 28, 1913 in Eddyville at the age of 79.

(10) John - On April 8, 1869 he married Sarah E. Wiley in Pope County. He was a Methodist minister. A biography sketch was done of him in The Biographical Review of Johnson, Massac, and Hardin Counties (1893). Her parents were John and Phoebe Wiley. They live next door to them in the 1880 Census. He might have died on November 4, 1904 in Golconda at the age of 57.

(11) David - died in infancy

In the 1850 Census report the family is living in Pope County. Her husband had died in May of that same year.

Polly Williams, 40, born: Virginia

Mary Williams, 17, born: { all children born in Illinois }

Nancy (?) Williams, 15

?? (female), Williams, 14

James Williams, 12

Henry Williams, 10

EE Williams, 8

Jane Williams, 5

John Williams, 2

David Williams, 6/12

In the 1860 Census report the family is still living in Pope County, around the Walnut Shade Post Office.

Polly Williams, 45, farmer, value of real estate 800, value of personal estate 500, could not read or write

Etha I. , 17, attended school

Martha, 15, attended school

John, 10, attended school

Two houses down lived Henry and his wife.

Henry Williams, 19, farmer, value of personal estate 100, married within the year

Mary Williams, 17, married within the year

In the 1880 Census report the family is living in Polk Precinct in Pope County.

John Williams, 31, farmer

Sarah E., 27, keeping house

David Williams, 8, son

Melvina, 6, daughter

Nora, 3, daughter

Henry N, 1, son

F.M. Lardandale, 13, nephew

Mary Williams, 67, mother, born about 1813

As of 1893 she was "still living, active and bright, at the age of eight-two."


*don't confuse General Lyon with the USS General Lyon ( liked I did for a few minutes ), information on the tragedy can be found here , here , and here 
here is another very interesting story about a soldier presumed died from the fire and was found 10 years later living on an island (source: Source:  The Cairo (IL) Daily Bulletin, May 21, 1875; transcribed by Darrel Dexter)


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