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Sarah J McCulley Tucker

Sarah J McCulley was born the 9th of December in 1885 in Union County, Illinois. She was the daughter of Alexander and Delia (Lewis) McCulley.

In the 1900 Census, she is a teenager with her family in Saratoga, Union County, Illinois.

By the 1910 Census, Sarah is married to James Edward Tucker and living in Lick Creek, Union County, Illinois. According to this document they have been married for 6 years ( about 1904). She has given birth 3 times and has 3 living children. She is also step mom to 2 older children. Her husband, James works as a farm laborer and she keeps house.

In the 1920 Census, Sarah is living in Balcom, Union County, Illinois with her husband and children. They have 5 children together.

Christina (born about 1904)

Louie/Lewis (born about 1906)

Charles ( born about 1910)

Carl (born about 1915)

Mary ( born 1920)

Sarah spent the last 7 months of her life at the Anna State Hospital. On May 11, 1928, Sarah passed away from TB. She was laid to rest at the Ebenezer Hall Cemetery located in Union County, Illinois.

Headstone for Sarah

Through an interview with her niece (Mrs Scivalley) -- she recalled that the Tucker family moved "up north" after their mother died. Christina stayed in contact with her family in Southern Illinois for several years.

Information on her husband James Tucker

Questions/ Other Research

1. Sarah's marriage certificate might give more information about her parents.

2.  What happened to the family that moved "up north"?

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