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Jeanie Belle/ Jane Wilson

Jeanie Belle/ Jane Wilson was born about 1851. Several census records report that she was born in Alabama. I do not have a name for her parents. It is interesting to note that her father was born at sea ( as reported by her on several census records).

Her granddaughter (Rene Little) remembered hearing that Jeanie Belle had traveled in a covered wagon during a long trip with her family. Before that her family had come from Scotland.

Jeanie Belle married William Lewis on July 30, 1876 in Union County, Illinois.

She is found with him and her children all the way through to the 1930 Census. She lived in Union County until the 1920's. In the 1930 Census she is found living with her daughter Ida in Mattoon, Coles County, Illinois.

Jonesboro Gazette ~ 26 Mar 1937

Jennie Belle Lewis died at the home of her daughter in Mattoon, and was buried in Casper Cemetery. Her funeral was last Saturday (20 Mar 1937) at Norris Funeral Home.

Questions/ More Research

1. Who are her parents? Is it true her father is from Scotland? When did her family move to Illinois? Research for census records before 1880.

2. Was she really born in Alabama? The migration route of the pioneers usually was from the Carolines to Illinois, not Alabama to Illinois. Something to look further into.

3. Look at the information on her marriage certificate for more details about her family.

4. Research her death certificate. Find her in Casper Cemetery.

                        ~~~~~ Warning Rough Draft ~~~~~

The following information was passed to me through cousins.

Jeannie Belle married "White" had they had 2 sons Ed and Jim.

Ed White married Mary and they had the following children:

1.Maude ( married a Frizzell)

2. Jesse ( married a Grey)

3. Bill ( married Flossie)

4. Harold

5. Jim

My notes:

In the Illinois Database I found the following:

Isabella Jane Wilson married William H White on April 3, 1868

Isabella White died in Anna on Jan 28, 1915 at 85 years of age

Also Jeanie Belle used "Wilson" as her last name not "White" on the certificate when she married William Lewis. Her sons are not with her in the census records.

Question/ More Research

1. Need a copy of Wilson-White marriage certificate AND Wilson- Lewis marriage certificate. Hopefully the details can give some answers.

2. Could Isabelle be Jeanie Bella's sister?

3. If Jeanie Bella and Isabelle are one and the same, where are her sons after she married William Lewis?

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