Friday, September 7, 2012

Lucinda Lewis

Lucinda Lewis was born about 1849/1850 in Illinois. She was the daughter of Levi and Charlotte "Lottie" (Oxford) Lewis.

I first find her listed as an heir in her father's Probate Record in 1856.

In the 1860 Census she is 11 years old and living with her family in Township 12, Union County, Illinois.

In the 1870 Census she is 21 years old and living with her mother and siblings in Stokes, Union County, Illinois.

I have not been able to find her in the 1880 Census.

In the 1900 Census she is again living with her mother and brother in Saratoga, Union County, Illinois.

That is the end of the trail so far. I believe her mother died before the next census. I found her brother in the 1910 census and that he probably passed away in 1914. She is not with him. This might mean that she died before 1910.

                               ~ Warning Rough Draft ~

I have wondered if Lucinda and Charlotte might be the same girl. It appears they were both born in about 1849 -- maybe twins?? Lucinda is not found in the 1850 Census -- maybe she was born later in that same year??

Also found in the Illinois Marriage Database:

Lucinda Lewis married William W. Sexton on November 27, 1864 in Union County, Illinois. He might have died on March 14, 1894 (58 years old).

Questions/ Other Research

1. Try to find her in the 1880 census.

2. Death and burial information.

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