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Nora Lewis

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In an interview with Rene Little, she remembered that her grandparents William and Jeanie (Wilson) Lewis had a daughter named Nora. She married a Tom Smith and had several children -- Dan, Sam, Leroy, Claude, Alma, Ethel, and a girl that died. She thought they lived in Union County.

Later Rene remembered the following ....

The girl who died was named "Florance". She was a young woman at the time of her death. She was killed by a train and there was some questions about her heel getting caught on the tracks.

Tom Smith died first and a long time before Nora. He is buried in Alto Pass. Nora never remarried. Most of their sons moved to Missouri. Leroy was known as "Shady."

My notes:

I have never been able to find a Nora with the family. She might have been born and married between the 1880 and 1900 Census.

In the Illinois Database I found the following:

Nore E Lewis married Thomas Smith on November 24, 1896 in Union County, Illinois.

On I found the following:

Thomas L Smith   b:  June 8, 1880    d: Dec 30, 1940
Cobden Cemetery, Union County, Illinois

More notes:

Joneboro Gazette ~ 4 May 1928

Lucille Smith was instantly killed at Alto Pass, when she was struck by a Mobile & Ohio electric car at the crossing opposite the post office, aged 18 years old. She was the daughter of Tom Smith, of about one mile from Alto Pass. There was a coroner's inquest.

Illinois Database:

Lucille Smith died April 28, 1928 in Alto Pass, Union County, Illinois.

Questions/ More Research

1. Research the documents and find out more information.

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