Sunday, August 11, 2013

Goot Family Photo

Goot Family 

Top Row: Adah Goot (Martin), Onna Goot (Yerkes), Helen Goot (Smith), Mrs Vaughn (neighbor), Melissa Yates Goot, Neighbor, Daughter, Daughter 

Front Row: Neighbor, Mrs Vaughn's son, Neighbor, Admiral Dewy, Max Martin (in lap, Adah's son), Neighbor, Neighbor 

Taken at White City between State Hospital and Route 51 ( to my understanding this is where the Goot family lived when they moved to Anna, the house has been torn down, it is across from where the VFW now stands)

This is a picture of the original picture taken during my trip in 2001 to Illinois. 

Information and photo provided by Melissa's granddaughter. 

Note: I think the 3rd girl from the left is Adah. The first 2 girls are Onna and Helen. This might have been my error or Melissa's granddaughter error. Max was born in 1914, making this photo taken between 1917-1918. Ada was the oldest daughter of the Goot children. Therefore I *think* Ada is the 3rd daughter from the left. 

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