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Sarah Della Yates

Sarah Della Yates was the daughter of Etha Inda and Benjamin Yates. She was born on February 28, 1876 in Pope County, Illinois. In the 1880 Census she is living with her family in Eddyville.

On July 9, 1893 she married James E. Jacobs in Pope County, Illinois.

Their children were as follows:

(1) Gordon    born 1893   died 1893 { per family history}

(2) Beatrice   born 1895 { married a Hoffner }
update 9/23/2013: Illinois Marriage Index online:
Beatrice Jacobs married Elmer Goodbrake on Oct 29, 1910, Pope County

(3) Ella Bell   born 1897  { married a Stapleton }
update 9/23/2013: Illinois Marriage Index online:
Elle Bella married Leotis Stapleton on Aug 5, 1914 in Pope County

Illinois Death Index Online:
Stapelton, Ella Bella  died Nov 13, 1949  Pope County 

(4) Ivy          born 1899   died before 1947 { married a Ney, per mother's obit}
update 9/23/2013
info from this reads:
Iva Jacobs   b- 1899  d - 1920   Eddyville Cemetery, Pope County, Illinois (no pic)

Illinois Death Database:
Iva Jacobs died Feb 22, 1920  Johnston City, Williamson County, Illinois

(5) Dorcie Mae     born 1901  { married a Barger }  
update 9/23/2013: Illinois Marriage Index Online
Dorcie Jacobs married Claude S'Barger on March 17, 1918 in Pope County

( for more information on Dorcie Mae's family visit this website: )

(6) Rose Velta  born 1903   { married a Jones }

(7) Nora      born 1910   
     update 9/23/2013: Illinois Death Index Online:
  Jacobs, Nora  died May 10, 1910   near Eddyville  2 months old   Pope County

(8) Lora/ Laura        born 1910 { married at 13 in Mt Vernon, IN to Cleo Dunn - Bob Dunn's son } 
{ married a Robertson } update: per sister's death certificate she was born in March

(9) Jean        born 1915  { married a Hardy }

In the 1900 Census the family resided in Eddyville, Pope County, Illinois.

In the 1910 Census the family resided in Alexander, Pope County, Illinois. They lived next door to her brother Roscoe Yates.

Jacob, James - 35, married 16 years, educated, farmer
           Sarah D, 34, mother of 8 children, 7 living, educated
           Beatrice, daughter, 15, attending school
           Ella Bell, daughter, 13, attending school
           Ivy, daughter, 11, attending school
           Dorce, daughter, 9, attending school
           Rosa, daughter, 7, not attending school
           Nora, daughter, 3 months old
           Lora, daughter, 3 months old

In the 1920 Census they had moved back to Eddyville.

In the 1920's Sarah Della and James Jacobs divorced.

In 1930 Sarah Della was living in Golcanda, Illinois. Sarah is living with her brother Roscoe.

Jacobs, Sarah -- 50 years old, divorced

In 1937 Sarah Della married Robert S Dunn.

On June 17, 1947 Sarah Della died at her home in Dorris Heights, Harrisburg County, Illinois. She was buried in Salem Cemetery in Carrier Mills, Illinois.

Resources: Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, Obituary, Illinois Death Database, Census, information shared by Dixie Barger (granddaughter)

update 9/23/2013:  Sarah Della's gravestone which is shared with husband Robert Dunn can be found here:

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