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Alexander McCulley, Part 2

Alexander McCulley

I first found his name on my great-grandfather's Delayed Certificate of Birth. I read the following information:


Full Name: Alexander McCully
Residence at time of birth: Lick Creek, Illinois
Color: White
Age at time of birth: 51
Birthplace: Indiana

This lead me to census records, marriage certificates, and finding out that he served in the Civil War.

1866 Marriage Record

Alexander McCulley married Mary Gurley on January 11, 1866, Union County, Illinois.

1870 Census Record

Inhabitants in Stokes Precinct, in the County of Union, State of Illinois. Post Office: Mt Pleasant. Page number 17.

He is under the household of Joseph Jenkins (142/138).

McCally, Alex, age 30, white, male, Farmer, Indiana (birthplace),cannot read or write

1876 Divorce Record

Alexander McCulley v. Mary McCulley, granted 7 Sept 1876, in Union County, Illinois.

1876 Marriage Certificate

Alexander McCulloch married Delia Wentz on December 23, 1876 in Mrs. M Louis house in Union County, Illinois. She was 18 and he was 37. They were both from Mt Pleassant, Union County, Illinois.

1880 Census Record

Inhabitants in Stokes Township, in the County of Union, State of Illinois, enumerated by me on the 27th day of June, 1880. Page number 23.

Household 236/236

McCulley, Aab, white, male, 48, married, laborer, Indiana (birthplace), Illinois (birthplace of Father), North Carolina ( birthplace of Mother).

McCulley, Delia, white, female, 21, wife, married, keeping house, Illinois (birthplace), Illinois ( birthplace of Father), Illinois (birthplace of Mother).

1900 Census Record

State: Illinois
County: Union
Township: Saratoga
Enumerated by me on the 14th day of June, 1900.
District Number 106, sheet 6

Household number : 108/108, crossed out to read 107/107

McCulley, Eic A., head, white, male, Mar 1838 (birth date), 62 (age), married, 23 (years married), Indiana ( birthplace), Ohio ( Father's birthplace), North Carolina (Mother's birthplace), Farm laborer, cannot read or write, renting a house

McCulley, Elisebeth, wife, white female, Dec 1838 (??) (birth date), 41 (age), married, 23 (years married), 8 (mother of how many children), 5 (number of these children alive), Illinois (birthplace), Illinois (Father's birthplace), Illinois (Mother's birthplace), cannot read or write

McCulley, Elija, son, white, male, Sept 1880 (birth date),19, single, Illinois (birthplace), Indiana (Father's birthplace), Illinois (Mother's birthplace), Farm laborer, can not read or write

McCulley, Charlottie T, daughter, white, female, May 1882 (birth date), 17, single, (same states as brother's above), cannot read or write

McCulley, Sarah J, daughter, white, female, Dec 1884 (birth date), 15, single, ( same states as brother's above), cannot read or write

McCulley, Mittie E, daughter, white female, Nov 1885 (birth date), 14, single, ( same states as above), can read and write, attended school 4 months

McCulley, Cleveland, son, white, male, Jan 1887 (birth date), 13, single, (same states), farm laborer,, cannot read or write

Questions - Still Researching

1. Why in the 1870 census is he not with Mary? I have not been able to find Mary in the census.

2. I think I have enough documents to safety say the Alexander McCulley from December 1876 on is my gg-grandfather. Before that date I really need to have more sources (or something) to say 100% that this is the same Alexander McCulley. For now though, I am saying that he is one and the same.

Fun Note: It appears that they never wrote the same name/spelling for Alexander.

Part 3 will continue with military and burial records

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