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Alexander McCulley, Part 3

On April 27, 1903 Alexander McCulley's widow filed for a Civil War Pension. This led me to information about Alex before 1866 and his burial place in Jackson County, Illinois. It also led to a few unanswered questions.

Illinois State Archives -- Illinois Civil War Detail Report

Name: McCully, Alexander

Rank: CPL

Company E

Unit: 109 IL US INF

Personal Characteristics

Residence: MT Pleasant, Union County, IL

Age: 25

Height: 5' 10

Hair: Light

Eyes: Black

Complexion: Dark

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Farmer

Nativity: Galloway CO, KY

Service Record:

Joined When: Aug 15, 1862

Joined Where: Union County, IL

Joined By Whom: CPT Boswell

Period: 3 years

Muster In: Sept 11, 1862

Muster In Where: Camp Anna, IL

Muster In By Whom:

Muster Out:

Muster Out Where:

Muster Out By Whom:

Remarks: Trans To CO 11 ILL INF

Illinois State Archives- Illinois Civil War Detail Report

Name: McCulley, Alexander

Rank: Pvt

Company: C

Unit: 11 IL US INF

Personal Characteristics


Age: 25

Hair : Light

Eyes: Gray

Complexion: Light

Marital Status:

Occupation: Farmer

Nativity: Gallaway CO, KY

Service Record:

Joined When: Aug 15, 1862

Joined Where: Anna, Illinois

Joined By Whom: CPT Boswell

Period: 3 years

Muster In: Sept 11, 1862

Muster In Where: Anna, IL

Muster In By Whom: 

Muster Out: July 14, 1865

Muster Out Where: Baton Rouge, LA

Muster Out By Whom: CPT Hawk

Remarks: Trans from CO "E" 109 IL INF

Civil War Pension

Name: McCulley, Alexander

Widow: McCulley, Delilah E

Service: C 11- E 109 Ill Inf

Date of file: 1903 April 27

Application: 783480

Certificate: 564512

1929 Roll of Honor : Record of Burial Places : Vol 1

McCully, Alex    C 11 Ill Inf.
Popular Ridge Cemetery, Murphysboro, Illinois

Note: when I requested this information from the state of Illinois several years ago they sent the information for an Alexander P McCulley, I believe these are 2 different Alexander McCulley's

Information received :

Alex P Mcculley/ Alex McCully
1929 Illinois Roll of Honor
War: Civil  Company : C Unit: 11 IL INF Vol: 1  P
Page: 856  County: Jackson   Cemetery: Popular Ridge

Alex P McCulley/ Alex McCully
Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls
Company: G  Unit: 131 IL US INF  Residence: Pope
County Rank: PVT

I have never found the connection between the two. My Alexander was enlisted in the 109 and then transferred to the 11th. When I look at the Alex who served in the 131 he is a whole different person who enlisted a few months before my Alex. I believe that some how the records might have got merged together in the state date base.

The Honor Roll paperwork list the Alexander McCully buried there as serving with the 11th. Therefore I believe that my Alexander is the one buried there.

Questions - More Research

1. The first document I have of Alexander is 1862 in Mt Pleasant, Illinois. I would like to know how long he had been living there? Where is the rest of his family? Was he born in Indiana or Kentucky?

2. I would like to find his family in either Illinois, Indiana or Kentucky. Although I have researched and checked out many McCulley family's in these three states I have not been able to place him in a family.

3. When he first enlisted in the 109 the documents state that he is married. Who was his wife? What happened to her? Did they have children?

4. Why was he buried in Jackson County? What was he doing up there? I would like to find other documents or obits that connect him to his family in Union County.

109 Illinois Infantry

Illinois Datebase : Search  Alexander McCully ( note: if you search McCulley -- with the e -- the search brings up an Alexander P McCulley from Pope County, Illinois, as far as I know he is not related)

1929 Roll of Honor: Search Alexander McCully

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