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William H Prewitt

William H Prewitt was born in 1852 in Tennessee. He married Laura/Louise 1870. From that marriage came 9 children. He married Charlotte McCulley in 1904 and at least 7-8 children came from that marriage. He outlived both his wives and lived to his early 80's. William worked as a farm laborer all through his life. He died on Sept 2, 1933 and was buried in Casper Cemetery, Union County, Illinois beside Charlotte.

In the 1900 Census he is living in Lick Creek, Union County, Illinois with his wife and children.

Household 343/347

Prewitt, William H, head, white, male, Jan 1850(birth date), 50 (age), married, 30 (years married), Tenn (birthplace), Tenn (parents birthplace), farmer

Prewitt, Louisa, wife, white, female, Dec 1845 (birth date), 54 (age), married, 30 (years married), 9 (children), 8 (children alive), IL (birthplace), North Caroline ( parent's birthplace)

There are 3 children living at home, the youngest born in 1885.  

In the 1910 and 1920 Census, William is with his 2nd wife Charlotte (McCulley) Prewitt and children.

In the 1930 Census, William is living in Elvira Township in Johnson County, Illinois. He is listed as Grandfather, living with his daughter Pearl.

He died on Sept 2, 1933 and was buried in Casper Cemetery, Union County, Illinois.

From an interview with 2 of his nieces ( Mrs Scivalley and Miss Little)they remembered that he was married before Charlotte to "someone" and they lived in the Mt Pleasant/ Dongola area. They do not remember a name, where she is buried or anything about her childen.  At William's funeral it was told that he had 25 children.

They remember these children from Charlotte and William:

1. Ray married a BRUMIT (Brum-it) from Cobden, 1-2 children, lived in Matoon, Illinois, died and buried there

2. Andrew married a YOUNGBLOOD from Mt Pleasant/Dongola, separated/divorced shortly after marriage, went to Matoon or Chicago area (around his brother Ray), never heard that he remarried or had children

3. Minnie married Crawford Leggans (Cobden), 2 children, 6 from his other marriage, buried in Casper left of William Paul Prewitt's headstone; Minnie Leggans born: 1 Jun 1913 died: 5 Aug 1988; Crawford Leggans born: 28 Dec 1900 died: 15 May 1965

4. Geradean married a BATSEN (Alto Pass), children, he might be buried in Alto Pass or Caterville, she remarried and probably buried in Caterville area. Note: have not been able to find her in the census but both women remember her, she would visit and stay with them

5. (William) Delbert married Ethel and they had a son (Dellon) and a daughter. Ethel might have been from the Mt Glen area.  The family moved "up north." Years later Ethel and her daughter visited and they were living in the Caterville area. He is buried in Casper Cemetery.

6. Lonnie married Dora McCulley and they had 4- 5 children. Only 1-2 of the children survived to adulthood. They moved to the Alton/Godfrey area of Illinois. She is buried up there and he is buried in Casper Cemetery.

Found this in Jonesboro Gazette Obits here and assume she is a daughter from his first marriage :

Nellie Pruett, infant daughter of William Pruett, of Dongola, died 29 Dec 1874.

Questions - More Research

1. I am not sure if the 1930's Census above is him. If so, who is Pearl?

2. I have found a Laura Pruitt ( note the different spelling) who died in Lick Creek Pct, Union County, Illinois on April 22, 1903. She was 56 years old.
More information about her?

3. Lonnie's wife was first married to Elijah McCulley (Charlotte's brother). Her maiden name could have been Fitzpatrick or Williams. He sister might have married Cleveland ( Charlotte's other brother). Her name might have been Betsy, Beth or Isabeth.


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