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Belinda Lewis

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Malinda Lewis is first mentioned in her father's Probate Record in 1830. She is the daughter of Samuel and Mary Lewis.

In the Illinois Marriage Database I find the following:

Belinda Lewis married Joel Barker on March 2, 1828 in Union County, Illinois.

This is the last document I find for Malinda/ Belinda. However, I can not find another marriage for Joel in the Illinois State Database.

I find her husband in the early 1830's in these records:

Joel and John Barker are found in the 1830 census here.

Joel is found here in the Union County, Illinois military records for 1832.

Then I find Joel and his wife "Susan" in the following records:

Joel and Susanana Barker are found in the 1835 census here.

Joel 's wife and children are mentioned here. (Both found on page 7)

"On April 22, 1837, Jacob was cited for his long absence from services at the Clear Creek
Baptist Church in Jonesboro.
24 Jacob was living near Senator John in 1840.25 In 1841, Jacob’s wife

Sarah, their daughter Mary Ann Dougherty, and Susanna Barker (related through Sarah’s Barker
line?) were cited by the church, with no cause listed. A month later, a church member reported that
these three women “ intended to attend our church meetings as soon as they could.” In 1844, Susanna Barker was excluded because of her long absence."

"During 1843 and 1844, Jacob was serving as administrator of Joel Barker (presumably related
to Jacob by marriage, through his wife, Sally Barker)
27. He took the heirs (Susan, John, Canada,
Eleanor, and Louisa Barker, with only Susan, the widow, being of age) to court in a petition to sell
real estate for payment of debts. In 1844, Jacob’s final report was filed and approved by the court.

This suggest that Jacob Grammar's wife Sally Barker might be Joel's sister or other family   member.

Joel and Susan are again mentioned here. ( Page 7)

"That’s it – no
other connections with William and his descendants, Senator John and his
descendants, or even Jacob and his descendants. Just with Betsy Tope’s descendants. Betsy’s
family did have ties with Jacob Grammer – Betsy’s husband Frederick served as security for
Jacob Grammer and Susannah Barker when they were serving as executors of Joel Barker’s

As for naming connections with other Grammers in Southern Illinois:
William named a son John Joel in 1806.
Joel Barker (married to a Susannah) is assumed to be related by marriage to both
William and Jacob, who married Barker sisters. Since Joel Barker was approximately
the same age
28 as our Joel Grammer, it seems reasonable to assume that the the two
sisters each named their sons after a common Barker family member – perhaps their
father? Jacob Grammer was administrator of Joel Barker’s estate in 1843-44. On July
20, 1849, UCI, Jacob Trees, husband of Jacob Grammer’s daughter Sarah, was
appointed guardian of Sarah A. Barker, age 11, and Louisa J. Barker, age 9, children
of Joel and Susannah Barker, deceased.
In addition to the children named above, Susannah Barker had a son Jesse marry in
1837. (There was a Jesse Grammer in Warren County, Kentucky, at the same time as
the three Grammer brothers.)"

Found this information about their children here:

Barker, John M.            Aug. 1835    Joel Barker                  1855  534
                                                        Susan Barker
                   Thomas Barker, guardian (Bk. 6 pg. 44)

                Barkert Louisa J.                       Joel Barker                  1849
                         Sarah A.                       Susanna Barker
                   Jacob Trees, guardian (Bk. 5 Pg. 190)

Acoording to the above information :

Joel probably died in 1843 and Susan in 1849.

Questions/ More Research

1. Need to research documents and find how it all connects.

2. Is Belinds/Melinda and Susan the same or two different women?

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