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Samuel Lewis

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I believe Samuel Lewis is Levi Lewis's father.

In the 1818 Census of Union County, Illinois a Samuel Lewis is listed with 8 people in the household.

In the 1820 Census of Union County, Illinois a Samuel Lewis is again listed.

4 males under 10 years of age

1 male aged 10-15 years of age

1 male aged 16-25 years of age

1 male aged 45 years or older

1 female under 10 years of age

1 female aged 10-15 years of age

1 female between 26 and 44 years of age

2 people engaged in agriculture

10 total people

I believe Samuel and Mary had 10 total children (6 boys and 4 girls). It appears that 1 son died and 2 daughters were born between 1820 and 1830.

According to Union County, Illinois Probate Records, Samuel Lewis died in January of 1830.

Lewis, Samuel, died January 1830

Executrix: Mary Lewis, $2,000 bond 1 Feb 1830 with John Price and Henry Lyerle as securities. George Faggort was appointed administrator, $2,000 bond 5 Jun 1833, with John Dougherty and Henry Hileman as securities.

Appraisals: $723.50 in 1830 by Calvin P. Price, John Eaton and Lineus B. Sublett. $522.50 in 1833 by William C Whitlock, George Kimmel and William Tripp.

Land: northwest quarter section 14, township 12 south, range 3 west, 160 acres

Will: 20 Nov 1829; witnesses: Henry Lyerle and John Price. To my wife Mary Lewis all my personal and real estate during her widowhood, but if she remarries, she is to get her 1/3 part and the rest is to be divided among all my heirs, except Joel Barker, who is to receive $2. If the children leave my wife " by age or marriage," she is to give them a "reasonable part of my personal estate." After my wife's death, all my real estate is to go to my son Samuel Lewis. If he dies before my wife, then the land is to go to my daughter Louisa Lewis.

First sale: $442.24; 12 Jul 1833; B.B. Craig, crier; William C Whitlock, clerk.

Purchasers at sale: William C Whitlock, Jacob Treese, William Lewis, Bazel B Creig, John Ivy, Lineus B Sublett, Lott W Hancock, Joseph Ivey, James Ferrill, William Creig, Hugh Creig, Samuel Butcher, Jacob Zimmerman, James Lewis, Samuel H Creig, George Faggart, John Dougherty, John Grammar, William Shelton, William Grammar, Elijah McGraw, David Treese, James Betts, William F Tate, Jeremiah Irven, John J Creig, Absalom Marshal, John Tweedy, James Barber, Hugh Penrod, David Penrod, and Hezekiah Quick.

Second sale: $61; 30 Nov 1833; B.B. Craig, crier; William C. Whitlock, clerk.

Purchasers at sale: Hugh Craig and Samuel Craig bought corn.

Heirs: Mary Faggart*, widow, $181.03; children: William Lewis, James Lewis, Levi Lewis, Alfred Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Lucinda Oxford, Louisa Lewis, Polly Hancock $47.12 each; Malinda Barker, $2.

*note: Faggart is her married name, not maiden name
This probate taken from Union County Illinois Probate Records by Darrel Dexter.

found this information at here :
Lewis, Alfred              16 Jan. 1815     Samuel Lewis             1834 575
                Lucinda (married ______Oxford)
              Mary Faggard, alias Lewis guardian
              John S. Hacker, guardian

Lewis, Samuel                                                       1834 578a
              William Lewis, guardian

Samuel and Mary Lewis are mentioned at this website here :
scroll down about 1/3 of the way. Both of them signed a deed that gave freedom to a slave.
(Way to go Samuel and Mary!)
note: the above page is the same Joseph Ivy recorded in Samuel's probate

Questions/ More Research

1. Find other documents that link Levi to Samuel.

2. Learn more about his wife Mary Faggart.

3. Learn more about his children.

4. Were Samuel and Mary Quakers?

5. Where is he buried?

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